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Our Wondae Flock

Our flock of sheep were probably the first step in our big adventure from being a relatively self-sufficient smallholding to a business – however modest. After much trial and error we settled on a native Welsh breed, the Lleyn, as their origins are not too distant from us geographically.

A thrifty but prolific sheep they quickly became a big part of our “family” and we have never regretted choosing them. We produce pure bred Lleyns for our own customers; however we also produce Lleyn X Texel for sale to the local livestock markets as they are popular as “butchers’ lambs”.

The flock has grown from our original five ewes (just lawn mowers) to a breeding flock of some forty ewes who lamb inside from February to March. Only when the lambs have bonded with their mothers are they allowed outside to enjoy the spring grass without getting lost.

Lambs are allowed to grow naturally on their mothers’ rich milk and our lush pastures until they are ready to be weaned. Each breeding ewe has the opportunity then to rest and regain condition and fitness before being returned to one of our rams and the whole cycle begins again, just as nature intended, with as little interference from us as possible – barring accidents!

When the lambs have reached a good weight they travel the short distance to our local abattoir and butchery, the same family-run business as we use for our beef animals. We are then able to offer them for sale as either a half or a whole lamb, boxed as joints and chops - ready for your freezer.