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Our venture into keeping Dexter cattle began in 2006 with a couple of half-grown steers. Our intention, like many smallholders, was to become self-sufficient in beef with a little extra to sell if possible.

To say we have never looked back is a serious understatement.

Dexter as a breed began in the nineteenth century in Ireland as a dual-purpose milk and beef breed. But with increasing modernisation in farming methods their popularity waned until they became fully paid-up members of the Rare Breed Society. Fortunately these small but extremely hardy and resilient cattle regained their popularity with the modern smallholders and now their future is a lot more secure.

Our initial herd of 2 increased with the purchase of a pregnant cow with a heifer calf at foot and now stands at some 40 cattle – a mixture of cows with calves at foot, steers and our own impressive stock bull.

Due to the hardiness of these cattle they prefer to live out all year round, enjoying the freedom of grazing in the summer sunshine, but finding shelter in our open barns during the harsh winters of North Wales, feeding on our home-produced hay and silage. This natural grass diet helps to give this beef its unique and unparalleled flavour.

The majority of our stock is sold as beef to discerning customers, who appreciate beef  “like it used to be”. We use a local family run abattoir and butchery so our animals do not suffer a long and stressful journey.  The carcasses are then hung there for at least 3 weeks to reach maximum maturity thus allowing the meat to achieve its optimum flavour potential. Dexter beef is naturally well marbled and fine textured  thus providing both home cooks and chefs alike with wonderful tasting, succulent steaks and roasts.

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